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To the astute barista, our four roasts; Strong, Sweet, Bright, and Complex, may seem too simple... we assure it is anything but. A lot of care and effort is put into our coffee. Our head roaster has a knack for selecting delicious high quality green and profiles it to ensure we get the best from the coffee.

We roast with the barista in mind. All our coffee’s are omni roasted to deliver coffee that is easy to work with, whether that is pulling shots of espresso or brewing a pour-over. Our aim is to help the barista make each cup served is consistent and equally delicious, regardless of how many cups are lined up on the counter.

Want to try our coffee? Let us know and we will send you a free sample.


Having the right equipment is key to serving a good coffee. We are fortunate to be working with some of the world’s leading equipment providers that have a reputation for simplicity, consistency, and design. Whether it is the latest La Marzocco PB Linea or the stylish Victoria Arduino Mythos, we have got you covered.  

If you are interested in learning more about any of our coffee’s and/or equipment offerings, get in touch.