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Hold the sugar! Here’s one for you dessert over entrée types.

Tastes like caramel, chocolate & date.

Origin: El Salvador
Farm: Ayutepeque
Process: 75% washed & 25% natural
Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1050 masl

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This coffee was grown by Emilio Lopez. After several experiments, Emilio created a farm blend of 75% washed and a 25% natural to showcase this balanced coffee.
This coffee was ethically sourced by Belco

Careful consideration went into this coffee with how it paired with alternative milks. Things that we consider are the region, varietal and roasting process to ensure the coffee will taste damn good with the different milks. This coffee is not only well developed to achieve sweetness but also to ensure the sugars work with amino acids to create a less acidic coffee.
Tested and tasty with Bonsoy, Oatly, Minor Figures.

Sold as whole beans. If you want it ground just shoot us an email with your order number and what it needs ground for!

Espresso recipe (best brewed at 10 days old): 18.5g coffee - 38g espresso.


Omnidegradable packaging

After a bit of looking around we finally found a packaging company that was omnidegrabable. This means our bags and labels are fully compostable and biodegradable in any environment - water, compost or landfill.

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