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Tastes like strawberry, vanilla & nectarine

Origin: Honduras
Farm: Hugo Abraham Alvarado
Process: Organic Natural
Varietal: Lempira
Altitude: 1400 masl

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This is Common’s first organic coffee! It’s grown by Hugo Abraham Alvarado on his 25 hectare farm in the La Union area of Copan. This specific lempira lot was dried on raised beds for more than 25 days. This coffee is ethically sourced by Falcon Coffees.

Sold as whole beans. If you want it ground just shoot us an email with your order number and what it needs ground for!

Espresso recipe (best brewed after 10 days old): 18g coffee - 40g espresso


Omnidegradable packaging

After a bit of looking around we finally found a packaging company that was omnidegrabable. This means our bags and labels are fully compostable and biodegradable in any environment - water, compost or landfill.

For more techy info head over to the Tekpak Solutions website.