Why is our About page all about blog posts? It’s so we can highlight and talk about all aspects of Common. Yes, Common is about the people who put it into action but Common is more about the people who make it happen. So, that means that not only are we going to keep you informed with what’s going on with Common but we’re also going to keep you informed about common people, common coffee and common brewing.

Common people - It’s not just the four of us that are going to be posting up or being talked about. It’s going to be everyone that has played a part in our amazing story that’s been happening. That also includes YOU, the coffee drinker, because we wouldn’t be here without you

Common coffee - Where does our damn good coffee actually come from and who are the people that help us get it to you?

Common brewing - We all need brew guides and we all love chatting about brew ratios every once in awhile, eh?

We’ve also decided that we’re going to post up a monthly update on Common because running a new business has its ups and downs.

So over the next little while, we’re going to keep posting and keep typing away.

Common love

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